Ampersands in the Emerald City: First Edition

Hello, blogland! Let me update you on the last month of my life:

– Opened my Etsy shop! Please come visit, browse through my items, follow my shop, take a gander at my treasuries!
– Created both bridal shower and bachelorette extravaganzas
– Finished my first ever bridal gown and saw it worn to perfection
– Netflixed binged “Say Yes to the Dress” so hard that I had to take the lateral move over to “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta”
– Watched my Seattle Sounders go into the playoffs and proceed to the Western Conference Semi-Finals! (We see you Portland, and we are coming to take you down)
– Became the proud owner of a lovely new case of bronchitis. It’s reallllllly cute.

All that happened. It was a lot. I didn’t cook very much, and when I did, it just wasn’t pretty.

However, C and I recently brainstormed ideas for the ol ‘E&A blog, and I think we came up with a winner.

Here’s the premise – once weekly, alongside my regularly scheduled lifestyle content, I present a “quickfix”-style article. These posts will outline an “Emerald” – a Seattle jewel, a place I love, something fun and local – and an “Ampersand” – a fun and frivolous activity that a person could do anywhere. I will pair them together like a sommelier pairs a fine wine with a meal. It’s gonna be classy, guys.

It may be worth mentioning that I do not run a sponsored blog. None of my recommendations are coming from the  brand, organization, or businesses (at least not yet, and I will tell you if they do).

So here it comes:

Read “Nylon” Magazine…

Okay, it’s only the quintessential fashion and style mag for the hipster elite. If you could overdose on quirky chic, Nylon would be the catalyst.


If anybody could pull off orange bangs, everyone would have them

Hayley Williams is God’s gift to the urban street fashion movement, and Good Lord, does her interview make for an entertaining read. 

I read quite a few of my roommate’s Nylon mags back in college. Every page was an adventure in fashion, art, design, and culture told in a quirky, youthful way. Perfect for reading closely or flipping through casually.

Which leads me to my next point:

… In Rudy’s Barbershop.

Rudy’s is the King of the hipster hair world. Located in ultra-trendy cities like Seattle, Portland, and New York, Rudy’s has created a culture of no nonsense walk-in appointments. You walk in and get your hair cut by a guy with tattoos that uses the F-Word a lot. It’s pretty great.

They cut heads

They cut heads

Rudy’s specializes in men’s cuts, though they are happy to do kids and ladies as well.. This is not a frilly salon with paraffin wax dips and two-week deep appointment books. It’s an anything goes environment, and it’s pretty darn liberating.

It surprises a lot of people that I go to Rudys to have my own hair done. I LOVE my colorist, which is pretty important when you’re in for the three-hour bleach and tone long haul (platinum is pain, friends).  She is a chatty paleo enthusiast with a septum piercing who was tired of the  upscale princesses she encountered at typical hair salons. It’s reasonably priced and a damn good finished product.

So sit back with a Nylon mag under the hairdryer, and  read why grunge is the new look for fall.

It’s gonna look great on you.