Once Upon a Book

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This is a story about a girl. And a book.

Once upon a time was a little girl who read a lot of books. She read a lot about scientists and villains, heroes, pirates, princesses. She read about adventure and friendship. She learned to like books very much.


I’m waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter annnnnny day now

As she grew up, she began to like books even more, reading everything she could get her hands on. She read about love, beauty, sadness, and war. She learned about hope and betrayal and racism and hate and violence. She learned that books can illuminate our flaws to show us how to be better. She learned to love books very much indeed.

As a young lady, she found out that sometimes there is hate and violence and sadness wrapped up in a package that looks a lot like love. When she opened the package, she found out that the world is sometimes very ugly.  She became very sad, but she hid it behind a smile and a laugh.

When she went off to school, she found a book that really made her laugh, full of silly slang and dirty innuendos. She laughed and he saw her. She showed him the book and he laughed too. They met because she had a book.


Puppy Love

They spent all their time together, years together. He showed her a package all wrapped up that looked like love, but on the inside, it was just as beautiful as the outside. They talked about war and hate and violence and shared the sadness together, because the smile didn’t need to hide the pain anymore.

And once, he gave her a gift. Her favorite book. He gave it to her and as she leafed through, she saw that he had taken her favorite book and turned it into a beautiful love letter. “Marry me. I love you.” She looked up with tears in her eyes and saw him on one knee with a ring in his hand. And she was his.


Best moment of my life

He wore a flower made of books when she walked down the aisle to him.

She turned the whole world into a book for the two of them to share.


And the world was dark and cold, but it was warm when they cuddled under the blankets.

And read a book.

It’s been two years since we’ve said our vows, but 6 years since I showed you that book. I can’t wait to keep writing this storybook with you. Happy Anniversary, C. 


Let’s never stop being awesome, okay?


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Book

  1. I can’t believe I forgot to send you an anniversary card! I am a bad Mama. BTW, you both look great in that shade of blue!
    Happy Anniversary!

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